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Matt has been included in Radio Times 13 Faces of 2013!


2013 was the year Matt Smith announced he was hanging up his Timelord’s bow tie for good. The 31-year-old, who has played the keeper of the Tardis keys since 2010, revealed that he was moving on to galaxies new in the last Doctor Who episode of 2013.

As well as starring in a series of the beloved sci-fi series, and marking a momentous anniversary for the show in November, he’s been readying himself for moving on from his time-travelling adventures. Smith has already filmed Ryan Gosling’s How to Catch a Monster too, and is currently starring in the American Psycho in the West End.

See the full list at: Radio Times.


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The London Evening Standard had an article with Matt yesterday where he discusses his role in American Psycho.

Playing a psycho? It wasn’t as scary as learning to sing, says Doctor Who star Matt Smith
By Louise Jury, London Evening Standard, 13th December 2013

Matt Smith says that playing a knife-wielding psychopathic killer is not as scary as having to learn to sing in only seven weeks.

The star makes his stage singing debut as style-obsessed yuppie Patrick Batemen in the musical version of Bret Easton Ellis’s cult novel American Psycho, which opened last night at the Almeida theatre in Islington.

He started rehearsals only two days after finishing filming his final episode of Doctor Who, to be shown at Christmas.

Smith, 31, said: “It’s an enjoyable part to play. When you’re playing someone who’s disturbed, you’ve got to try to understand their psychology as much as possible. It’s a cliché, but I’m attracted to quite extreme characters. But hopefully it’s a funny evening. If it wasn’t, it would be a bit too much.”

Yet he admitted he had to work hard to prepare for singing a score which mixes original music with Eighties hits such as Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears and Hip to be Square by Bateman’s favourite band, Huey Lewis and the News.

“That was a leap of faith because I’ve never sung before. It was uncharted territory. It’s been a struggle to get here — hours and hours and I’m never going to be Michael Bublé. But I took it for the challenge. It’s nice to do a musical, to tick that box.”

Smith’s early career included stage roles in Polly Stenham’s That Face and Swimming with Sharks with Christian Slater. He said: “It’s great to be back on stage. Stage is where it’s at.”

Continue reading at London Evening Standard

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It’s a little over 2 weeks to go until Matt’s final episode of Doctor Who goes to air. Here’s his Radio Times interview about Doctor Who and his future plans.

Doctor Who: Matt Smith on his final days as The Doctor
By Stephen Armstrong, Radio Times, 8th December 2013

“If I was going to choose to spend a couple of years in anyone’s body, why not live it as the Doctor? He’s going to have more fun than almost anyone else alive”

Matt Smith is sitting in a rather glorious BMW on his way to the ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands. He’s sporting a neatly cut crop, wearing jeans and a jumper from ACNE, a leather jacket from D&G, a scarf from Marc Jacobs and some slightly alarming socks.

As the car gets closer to the gleaming glass and grey steel hall playing host to thousands of fans – marking their hero’s 50th birthday at the three-day Doctor Who Celebration – the current incarnation of the last living Time Lord looks more like his next big role: Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Which way is he going to play it when meeting the fans? He laughs. “You just have to be yourself. Whatever that is nowadays…”

He can be forgiven for his confusion. This Christmas, when he hands over the sonic screw-driver to Peter Capaldi, he’ll be leaving the Doctor in the best of health – a pain-racked regeneration notwithstanding. On air in over 50 countries and counting – it’s on three channels in the USA – the show has a global audience of some 77 million. When he west cast, as the youngest actor ever to play the part, newspaper headlines were mocking – “Doctor Who?” In the UK, at least, he’s answered that questions.

Since he announced he was hanging up this Tardis keys earlier this year, however, he’s gone for roles so different from the good-hearted saviour of the universe that you assume he’s making a Daniel Radcliffe-style statement: “Don’t think I’m just the Doctor.” He’s already filmed Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster, and tabloid shots from the set showed him lifting weights like a marine, his much-loved floppy fringe razored off.

This month he’s on stage at the Almeida Theatre in American Psycho, a London stage-musical version of Bret Easton Ellis’s bestseller about a powerful Wall Street banker who moonlights as a serial killer. “It’s a bizarre challenge, especially as I’ve never sung before,” Smith explains. “I thought, why not give it a stab… foolishly. I mean, it’s not like other musicals – which is why I took it. It’s difficult and challenging.”

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By Jeremy Langmead, 26th November 2013, Mr Porter: The Journal

A musical version of a book chronicling the trials and tribulations of a psychopathic New York investment banker obsessed with business cards, facial peels and Whitney Houston? The lead character being played and sung by the former Doctor Who actor Mr Matt Smith? The prestigious Almeida Theatre in London resounding to the dubious 1980s hits “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”? It may sound preposterous, but in fact it’s genius, especially when you acknowledge that Mr Bret Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho is a cult must-read, the show’s director Mr Rupert Goold has had a string of hits in the West End and on Broadway for his captivating productions of Shakespeare classics, the score is by the composer behind the much-lauded musical Spring Awakening, and Mr Smith is one of his generation’s most talented and versatile actors, first winning critical acclaim for his stage role in the award-winning play That Face.

But despite the numerous West End performances, starring roles in Christopher and his Kind and Party Animals, and a major role in the yet-to-be-released directorial debut of one Mr Ryan Gosling, the hop over in the public’s imagination from time lord to singing psychopath must be a daunting one for Mr Smith. The 31-year-old from Northampton, England, doesn’t deny it’s a nerve-wracking prospect.

“It’s a big leap over a strange chasm, with what appears as an endless black hole below,” he says, eyes wide, while in the middle of a daily schedule of intense rehearsals, vocal coaching and morning gym sessions. “Although there are similarities, too: both characters are aliens in their universe, both consider what they wear to be relevant and important. I think one considers himself more of a hero than the other… and one is actually more of a hero than the other. Guess who!

“What I enjoy about them both is the alien qualities, the otherness to everyone else around them; and what attracted me to Bateman was the lunatic – the mad serial killer, yes – but also the sociopath, the fantasist trying so hard to fit in that he goes on a killing spree… or does he? In many ways, his madness is his normality.”

Continue reading at: Mr Porter

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Den of Geek have another awesome interview for us from the set of “The Day of the Doctor”! This one is with Matt and David!

David Tennant and Matt Smith interview: Doctor Who
by Simon Brew, 12th November 2013, Den of Geek

We caught up with two Doctors for a chat about the upcoming 50th anniversary special, The Day Of The Doctor…

Earlier this year, we were invited to the top secret set of Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor. We weren’t allowed to see anything spoiler-y or anything like that, but we did get the pleasure of a round table interview (shared with the likes of SFX, Gay Times, The Guardian and a few others) with David Tennant and Matt Smith.

We can’t describe what a nerdy feeling it was to see the two of them walk from the set, in full costume, into our otherwise stale and boring room. And it’s clear that the pair had been having a whale of a time. Here’s what happened…

So, how’s your day going?

David Tennant: Good, good. We’ve just finished a very long scene, and it’s now complete, which is a good feeling!

Matt Smith: Yeah! We’ve had John [Hurt], Billie [Piper], Ingrid’s in as well today. Jenna of course. All in!

What can you tell us about the dynamic between you two Doctors?

DT: In the script? Well, how would you describe it? They’re slightly competitive.

MS: Yeah!

DT: But I think they quite enjoy being in each other’s presence as well.

MS: They get on, and then they don’t get on. And then they get on. It’s like two brothers who are evenly matched, fencing a lot…

DT: … or a conversation with your own conscious. You swing from being quite pleased with yourself to being infuriated with your own inadequacies, so I guess that’s kind of writ large!

MS: What I thought last night as well was our brains tick, in scenes, at quite similar speeds.

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This is an interview with Matt from the Mirror, which is a little more than Matt hitting back at “sexy” Doctor Who claims, but that’s the headline…

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith hits back at claims the show is too sexy but admits it hires ‘hot female actresses’
By Mark Jefferies, 11th November 2013, Mirror

Outgoing Time Lord says starring in the sci-fi series is a unique experience and one he enjoyed sharing with David Tennant

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has insisted the show is not sex-obsessed – but admitted it keeps hiring “hot” female actresses.

The 31-year-old will be starring alongside Jenna Coleman and Billie Piper in the film The Day of The Doctor to mark the show’s 50th anniversary.

Waris Hussein, who directed the first ever Dr Who episode, has recently said the show has become too sexualised.

But Matt hit back, telling the Mirror: “I strongly disagree. Dr Who is just rollocking good fun with the odd snog here and there.

“For sure, Karen (Gillan) is hot, so too Billie and Jenna but is that a bad thing? I don’t think so.

“What’s he want us to do, put everyone in straitjackets?

“Look at the history of the show, there were women in Tarzanian outfits, were there not, back in the early days?”

The new film, which will also be shown in 3D, has David Tennant returning as another version of the Doctor, as well as John Hurt also playing a third incarnation of the Time Lord.

Billie, 31, stars again as Rose Tyler and Jenna is Matt’s sidekick Clara Oswald, but Karen – who was at the LA Baftas at the weekend with her hair growing back – is not involved.

Matt said it was “brilliant” to work with David and explained: “There aren’t many of us who have played the doctor and it is a unique experience which I’ve been reluctant to share with other people because it sounds as if I am bragging when I talk about all the amazing things it entails.

“I can talk to David about it, about all the line-learning, the way in which you get thrust into the limelight. We’ve had lots of chats together.”

Continue reading at: Mirror

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It seems it’s the day for set reports from “The Day of the Doctor” to be released. This one from Den of Geek is with Matt and Jenna.

Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman on The Day Of The Doctor, David Tennant & more…
By Louisa Mellor, 11th November 2013, Den of Geek

Back in April, we chatted to Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman during the London filming for The Day Of The Doctor…

On a drizzly April morning in Trafalgar Square, after seeing the TARDIS suspended ninety feet up and dangling next to Nelson’s column, a group of us were ushered through some underground doors to speak to Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman then filming 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

To get our bearings, let’s do diaries. The following took place on the 9th of April, days after The Rings of Akhaten had aired, months before the news of Smith leaving the show broke. It was back when John Hurt was just a guest star, Clara Oswald was still an enigma, Jenna Coleman still had her Louise, Matt Smith still had his natural hair, and Peter Capaldi was still just a humble Pompeian merchant. How tempus fugit.

Embargo lifted then, let’s travel back to a Tuesday morning six months ago, when we met the Eleventh Doctor and Clara in costume and fine fettle, full of beans and excited about the day’s stunt…

Lovely weather we’re having…

Matt Smith: I know! What we’re cutting this with, we shot on Saturday when it was really sunny, like proper sunny, blue skies. I’ve got it on my phone, I’ll show you. (Brings out a picture of a small dot hanging off the bottom of the TARDIS) That’s me. Yeah, yeah, honestly it is, yeah. Hopefully I’m going to go up in this one today.

Jenna Coleman: I reckon it’s just as high. We’re both basically angling at doing it.

MS: We’re trying to do it.

What are the legal limits of the point you have to step away from a stunt?

MS & JC: We don’t know.

MS: I don’t think there is a limit. I think ninety feet they’re panicking about, but I’m harnessed in, and we’re sort of up for it aren’t we?

JC: I am.

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The Hollywood Reporter visited the set of “The Day of the Doctor” and had a chat to Matt about working on the special.

‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Set Visit: Matt Smith, David Tennant Preview Special
by Georg Szalai, The Hollywood Reporter, 10th November 2013

Steven Moffat, showrunner of the global BBC hit, also discusses the cult show and its future.

LONDON — BBC evergreen and global hit Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special that will air on the U.K. public broadcaster and simulcast around the world, including on BBC America, on Nov. 23.

The 75-minute episode, entitled “The Day of the Doctor,” was written by showrunner Steven Moffat and features outgoing lead Matt Smith, known as the 11th Doctor, predecessor David Tennant, John Hurt, current sidekick Jenna-Louise Coleman, former sidekick Billie Piper and others.

The special has attracted much speculation and buzz, which is set to continue when Smith leaves the show lead to Peter Capaldi in this year’s Christmas special.

The 50th anniversary special was shot this spring in Cardiff, Wales where the production is based. During a set visit by reporters, Moffat and some of the actors talked about the show and what it is like to work on it.

“I knew what I wanted to accomplish,” Moffat said. “It is a tremendous challenge to attach 50 to anything. I wanted it to be the show that ensures the next 50 years. And it celebrates the “legend” of Doctor Who.

Asked about the special’s title, he said: “The question was: what was the most important thing that happened to the Doctor, the day the Doctor won’t forget. It will redefine him.”

Does that mean the tone is darker? “It’s quite a dark episode,” Moffat said. “It’s quite a serious episode. We start to move the Doctor into a place, and you’ll start to see we’ve been moving him into that direction for a while.”

Discussing having his predecessor on set, Smith told reporters: “That’s been one of the great treats – acting with David.” Was there competition between the two actors or the two Doctors? “They disapprove of each other, they get along. It sort of ebbs and flows,” he said. “But only you guys think it’s competition [between the actors]. We have a pretty even split of screen time. I think it would have been disappointing not to have another Doctor on.”

Tennant agreed that the collaboration was more exciting than tense. “It’s his gig,” he said about Smith who only later announced his departure from the show, with Peter Capaldi set to take over. “I’m a guest on his show. He’s been very enthusiastic about this thing happening.”

Coleman said instead of rivalry, the collaboration of Smith and Tennant was great to follow on set. “They complement each other very well,” she said.

Asked how the two Doctors are different, Smith said: “David’s is more swashbuckling than mine.”

“It’s really sublime,” offered Moffat. “David and Matt are magic together.”

Describing the challenge of having two Doctors in the same episode, Moffat said: “The Doctor is the Doctor. He is one man who has different phases and faces. He is the same man inside — the same man at different stages.” So, the actors in the special do some of the same things, then suddenly diverge, he explained.

The two Doctor Who actors also swapped notes, according to Tennant. “It was less on playing the part, but the lifestyle that is inflicted upon you,” he explained. “The attention the Doctor gets is relatively unique,” he said.

Asked if the two actors compared their Doctors’ respective sonic screwdrivers, a key tool used by Doctor Who, Smith quipped: “Yes, mine’s bigger.”

Confronted with that comment later, Tennant quipped: “Everyone’s bigger than mine. Maybe I just don’t have to compensate that much.”

Continue reading at: The Hollywood Reporter

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Everyone has probably seen this already but if not, here is BBC’s The Day of the Doctor interview with Matt from a few days ago. I’ve added screencaps from the interview to the gallery here.

Interview with Matt Smith
7th November 2013, BBC

Stepping back in to the TARDIS for his penultimate ride, Matt Smith takes on the role of the Doctor in his greatest adventure yet. Here he talks about being part of the epic 50th adventure.

What is it like starring in the 50th anniversary special, one of the biggest years for the show?

It’s a thrill to be in the 50th anniversary. I feel very proud to be part of it and it’s a credit to everyone who started the show back in the 60s that it’s come this far. It’s a great format and a great idea.

‘The Day Of The Doctor’ marks the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper, and we get the revelation of John Hurt’s Doctor. What was it like working alongside them all?

It was a joy to work with David, Billie and John Hurt. I’ve worked with Billie before and I’d obviously seen all of David’s work, especially as the Doctor. He’s a brilliant actor and a brilliant Doctor. It’s quite strange, I always sort of get that surreal thing of looking at David and thinking, ‘Oh my God, there’s Doctor Who’. And John is acting royalty. Another wonderful Doctor and again, a good bloke. I think looking back over my tenure on this show, one of the great privileges has been the quality of actors that you get to work with.

Was there any kind of competitiveness between the different Doctors and companions?

No, we’re not competitive, I mean there’s a funny bit in the script between the 10th and 11th Doctors comparing Sonics, so there’s competitiveness in the story, but not off screen. We just had a laugh and it was exciting to see David back in the pin striped suit and Converse. John only has to move his eyes and he flaws you and Billie is Billie. I adore Billie, so we had a great time.

Were there any moments when you were standing on the floor waiting for action to be called and thinking ‘Oh my goodness, I’m actually doing this’?

Of course, there’s always those moments in Doctor Who when you’re going, ‘Wow we’re doing Doctor Who and there’s David Tennant over there and John Hurt over there and Billie over there and there’s a Redgrave over there’. There are a lot of those moments when you make this show.

But I think the wonderful thing was there was great down time. I just enjoyed spending time with David and obviously for me as well, as I am about to leave the show, it was really interesting to talk to him about that experience and his experience on the show, because it is a very individual experience playing the Doctor. It was quite nice to go, ‘What was that bit like for you?’ and it was just sort of enlightening really.

Continue reading at: BBC

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Doctor Who’s Matt Smith is wanted for a guest role on Arrow.

Exec producer Andrew Kreisberg is a Who fan and is keen to cast Smith on the series, star Stephen Amell told SciFiNow.
“Andrew is such a Whovian,” Amell explained. “So if you were to say to him right now, ‘Number one guest star actor/actress, who would it be?’ – clearly it would be Matt Smith.”

The actor – who plays Arrow’s lead Oliver Queen – joked that “they would probably hire [Smith] to take [his] job”.

“I can tell you that if there was even the faintest chance that he is available, he would be hired immediately,” Amell added. “They love Doctor Who so much.”

Doctor Who actors John Barrowman and Alex Kingston both played recurring roles in Arrow’s first season.


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