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Get excited Australia! Your chance to meet and see Matt and Karen together on stage is coming up! They will appear at Hub Productions Whoniverse in March 2014 at Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Hub Productions state:

Tickets will be available mid-January from major ticketing outlets. Prices, venues and additional information will also be released mid-January.

The event features the guests live on stage, talking about the phenomenon of Doctor Who and their lives as the Doctor and his companion. There will also be merchandise as well as rare collectibles available to purchase from dealers. Limited autographs and professional photographs will be available with the guests (see specific ticket inclusions when they become available).

Dates for Whoniverse are:

Sydney – Saturday, 1st March
Perth – Sunday, 2nd March
Adelaide – Saturday, 8th March
Melbourne – Sunday, 9th March

For more information, see Whoniverse – The Doctor is in.

  • 15th Jan 2014Laken says:  

    hey do you know when tickets go out? :)

  • 15th Jan 2014Bee says:  

    They haven’t announced when tickets go on sale yet, but prices and package details are now up at: http://www.thehubproductions.com/Events/Whoniverse-The-Doctor-is-in/Whoniverse-Tickets/

  • 19th Jan 2014Miri says:  

    Has this been confirmed by Matt Smith? I have been checking out the hub website and there are no venue details. Also no details on what exactly will be available re seating or merchandise opportunities for those of us who cannot afford the package price.

  • 19th Jan 2014Bee says:  

    I don’t think we will have any official confirmation from Matt as he doesn’t have an official site or social media, but The Hub have put on conventions before, so they are legit.

    Venue and ticket sale dates are apparnetly going to be announced this week. On the ticket information page it says that the merchandise room will be open for those who have the Reserve A-C tickets, so you will be able to buy merchandise even if you don’t have gold or silver tickets. The reserve tickets seating will most likely begin behind those with silver tickets. It just all depends on how many gold and silver tickets there are as to where the seating for reserve tickets begin.

  • 20th Jan 2014Miri says:  

    Thank you Bee. I had not heard of the Hub before, so to know they have done this is reassuring.

  • 2nd Feb 2014maureen says:  

    help how do I obtain tickets? as a whovian for a long time
    I just can not miss this event!!!

  • 2nd Feb 2014Bee says:  

    You can buy tickets right now Maureen, at Ticketek: http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=WHONIVERPX


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